The Caribbean is one of the most fabulous places to get married, and with its warm setting comes many different interesting practices. If you’re planning for a wedding in Jamaica, you may be surprised by a few of the unique things that are part on this island’s customs.

Wedding cake

One of the biggest aspects of a regular Jamaican wedding is the wedding cake. The wedding couple will often have a three-tiered Jamaican black rum dessert served in the reception. The wedding couple will be able to choose the flavors in the cake, and its design.

A popular Jamaican wedding is stored at a church, several couples will have all their ceremony at the beach or in a private location. This allows the few to have a tranquil and romantic ceremony this does not experience rushed or perhaps too formal.

As well as the church, many couples will also currently have a reception in their back garden or another location that is specialized to all of them. This is a terrific way to celebrate the love that they share with their friends and relations.

Having a ceremony underneath palm trees is a superb choice for lots of Jamaican wedding ceremonies, as the gently swaying palm trees add to the organic beauty of the wedding ceremony and reception areas. You can also use a string of lights to decorate between the palm trees make the location for an evening reception that may be sure to end up being unforgettable!

Other classic Jamaican wedding traditions include the bride and groom getting transported in a four door chair to the wedding, as well as a traditions that sees the bride in a very dress which has lace in it. This gives the bride more confidence and makes her wedding even more memorable!