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Your mission also provides the guardrails for every vision you cast and every decision you make for your business. Is easy for some of us; it’s much more difficult for many others. Creating a vision might not be hard for leaders with a natural tendency for big-picture thinking. Yet, these types of leaders can have trouble expressing a focused vision. On the other hand, for leaders with a natural tendency for the here-and-now, day-to-day tasks that need to get done, moving toward the esoteric world of vision-casting can be daunting. A great leader paints a picture of a bright future while fighting the daily fires.

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I did this many years ago with one of my clients. We were talking about my company plans at a casual lunch meeting. My team wanted to move from a virtual operation to an office space where they could collaborate. My client quickly stepped in to provide space at no cost to my agency. I will never forget this tremendous act of generosity and it all arose from a conversation about where I was trying to take the company.

Vision Casting For High Performance School Culture: Do’s & Don’ts For Leaders

The church you lead needs to have an overall vision of what it is running after. There needs to be identifiable targets and objectives. But in addition to the church’s overall vision, there will be smaller visions that accompany it. Curiously, when we lack momentum, our performance—no matter our capabilities—fails even to reach our baseline level of effectiveness. I came up with many actions to take (some worked—some didn’t!). I wrote everything quickly before transferring all the actionable items to a generic calendar.

​​​Phil Metzger is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel San Diego. ​​​He was the director of CCBC Europe and served as a missionary church planter since 1998. God help us to hear from Him and to clearly communicate His vision. ToolsThe Culture Tool and Bad Hire Calculator are free tools to help you grow. EBooks50+ free eBooks to help you build your best team.

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Ask them to sign off in acknowledgement that they understand what they’re seeing. Think through all the services and products you want to offer your clients in three years. Next, chart out all the roles that you’re going to need to achieve your ambitious vision.

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As you implement improvements this will often result in money and/or time savings. You can give a portion of the savings to the staff that helped implement it. Share practical examples of the value your change will add if implemented.

Recognition of the barriers to church multiplication must be taken into consideration both before the vision is cast and during the vision casting process. The Lord may provide the vision, but we may hinder the fulfillment of that vision by allowing our cultural expectations to overrule the vision. When God speaks, we must always allow our traditions to bow to His Lordship. However, “being right” and “doing right” are not necessarily the same thing.

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I write about a series of problems that I have and how I solve them using my intuition. My books are about sleep, dating and the gluten free lifestyle. You need to share your vision with someone in your inner circle to hold you accountable. It is our core just like the mitochondria of a cell that gives its very life force to draw strength from. Ask those in your inner circle to invest in your vision by cheering you on during the year to make your end goal on time.

One transition that could make all the difference in the world in your vision casting is the frequency. Instead of waiting for a Vision Sunday or special meetings, learn to drip vision into everything you do. Learn to cast vision in every interaction with the church. Bill Hybels tells the story about going to his church’s care center on a cold winter day.

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If you are looking to cast big picture vision for the church, do not go at alone. One of the most important things you can do is sit down with influencers and leaders in the church and cast the vision to them first. Sit down and paint the picture of where you believe the church needs to go.

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX aims to make space travel accessible to everyone and ultimately enable humans to become a multi-planetary species. Martin Luther King Jr. called for a world where everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity, regardless of race or background. Walt Disney’s Disneyland was imagined as a place where families could escape reality and experience a world of imagination and wonder. And an effective mentoring program helps boost development, engagement and cooperation.

And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” God gave vision to Elisha’s servant to see what He wanted him to see. But if a person is filling the bags to save their family or town from a flood, it takes on incredible significance. Communicate to your team that whether you’re swabbing the deck or steering the ship, every effort contributes toward the vision and its significance. Each time we meet with a group of believers, we want to give them a five, or ten-minute inspiring word built from these sources.

Start Dreaming Big

Finally, Nelson Mandela’s accounting basics for South Africa as a rainbow nation united people of all races and backgrounds in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness. John F. Kennedy’s vision for the United States as a leader in space exploration culminated in the moon landing in 1969. Jack Ma’s Alibaba helped small businesses in China and around the world to succeed and grow.

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It enhances the decor of the room or clashes with it. Vision always refers to a future state or condition that does not presently exist. You can determine what you will and will not do based on this vision. Vision gives you a sense of control and destiny.

And if you actually want people to use the vision, it must be compelling and command attention. Before we examine some of the reasons for this, let’s first look at the value of vision and the benefits that process and structure offers to the vision casting effort. Casting vision is one of the most important tools in the pastor’s tool belt. With vision you excite people about the future. With vision you bring necessary changes to the church. With vision you mobilize people to solve problems vexing the community.

  • A great leader paints a picture of a bright future while fighting the daily fires.
  • And if you err by starting small, you will have at least started.
  • I’d much rather put my effort toward a “too big” vision than none at all.

From a Christian perspective, vision is the ability to clearly see and articulate where God wants us to go or what God wants us to do in a given situation. Vision is the bridge between the present and future reality. As one man stated, “If you want to find a needle in a haystack, it is almost impossible. Yet if you place a magnet on the edge of the haystack, the needles jump out.” Vision is that magnet that attracts followers and resources. Allow time for the group to bring together their ideas. Structure the time so that everyone both gets a chance to speak and is listened to.

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Remember, who you are going to one day be, you are now becoming. NOW is the time for you to become THE BEST version of yourself—the one that was intended for you from the very beginning. Put another way, if you’re usually a five in effectiveness (on a scale of 1-10), without momentum, you’re probably performing at the level of a four. Which means you’re achieving the results of a four. There are many methods to assist in executing on a plan.

  • Pray that God will give you the necessary wisdom along the way to draw out that vision within your heart.
  • Don’t get intimidated by the goals or the vision.
  • ” To be effective it must be 1) relevant, 2) motivating and 3) memorable.
  • The vision you get from God is truly amazing.
  • People matter to God, so people should matter to us.
  • ToolsThe Culture Tool and Bad Hire Calculator are free tools to help you grow.

Do we present a false picture of God’s heart? Instead, we must inspire others because we are convinced that this is the nature of our Father. If so, then we must speak with passion, exhorting the group to believe and respond. Vision-casting is not a sterile enterprise that we can check off our list. No inspiring each other toward faith in what God wants to do. No encouragement to endure and press into the vision.

But if you follow these tips, it’s also a lot of fun. Take Ramsey Solutions’ vision to disrupt the toxic culture for example. Powerful visions cut to our emotions and energize us to dig into challenges, find solutions, and move forward. And the vision needs to be implemented now, because people matter to God. “Rhythm helps bring everything together in one place for me to have true transparency across different business units.

Sometimes I prematurely speak on a new vision and the result is more gibberish then I had expected. It seemed so clear in my head but once it came out it was like a foreign language! There are times when God enables me to see what He sees for His glory and purposes here on earth. In 2 Kings 6 Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant to see. Up to this point, the servant could only see the surrounding enemy. And Elisha prayed, and said, “LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw.